Hair Loss

Hair loss can be detrimental to your confidence, appearance, and emotional well-being. Men and women can suffer from thinning hair, and the repercussions on their self-esteem or general confidence levels can be unhealthy. 

While some patients face genetic reasons for hair loss symptoms, there are many different factors that can impact hair follicle health and development.

Nutritional, hormonal and stress factors can all impact hair growth. Ensuring your body has what it needs to combat hormonal changes and stimulate hair growth can have a significant impact on thinning hair.

What Is Nutrafol?

Nutrafol is a new innovative supplement that is designed to improve hair follicle health for both men and women. There are formulas for men and women, specifically targeting hormonal challenges for each gender that can impact hair growth. 

Nutrafol is an all-natural formula using super antioxidants, herbs and hormonal support nutrients to ensure all the systems that impact hair growth are in optimal health. Nutrafol fights stress and hormonal imbalances that can impact the hair, helping stimulate better hair growth.

Men and women have had incredible results from using Nutrafol to improve the health and overall thickness of their hair. If you are interested in natural options for improved hair growth, Nutrafol may great hair growth product right for you!

Contact us at Dr. Marjan Yousefi’s for a hair restoration consultation. We offer Nutrafol formulas at our clinics in Arlington and Tysons Corner, VA!

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