Under-Eye Filler

under-eye filler

Under-Eye Filler in Arlington

Crow’s feet? Dark circles? Wrinkles? As you age, chances are you’ll experience at least one of these unflattering signs of time. Under-eye filler seeks to correct them, providing a bright and lively look to the eyes with the use of a safe and effective cosmetic injectable.

Why Choose Under-Eye Filler?

Whether you wish to age gracefully or combat your genetics, dermal filler injections are worth considering if you seek to correct a sunken tear trough or smooth the unmistakable gift of wrinkles that time has given you. Under-eye filler, also called tear trough filler and dermal fillers for tear troughs remedies these insecurities while maintaining a natural look.

What Does It Feel Like?

As this is a delicate area, your injector will take the time to ensure your comfort. The filler contains a numbing agent that numbs with each injection. You may also consider ice or numbing cream. At worst, you’ll feel a pinch or pressure that may be uncomfortable but tolerable.

When Will I See Results?

Right away! As the swelling subsides and the area heals, results will continue to improve. The area will look fuller and healthier right away, lending itself to a bright, youthful appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you experience mild to moderate wrinkles, sagging, or shadowing, you’ll be pleased with how tear trough filler can correct that. A healthy patient with equally as healthy skin with realistic expectations about treatment is the most suitable candidate for dermal filler. But, the only way to find out if you qualify is to speak with a cosmetic injection expert.

Where Is the Best Place to Get Under-Eye Filler in Arlington?

Regain your youth and confidence by contacting Dr. Marjan Yousefi and her team at 703-255-5070! Ditch the crow’s feet by welcoming under-eye filler into your skincare repertoire today!

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