Psoriasis is a problem millions of men and women suffer with. It can be painful and miserable. For the best possible treatment, you need the best psoriasis specialist in Tysons Corner. We’ve got the tips you need to find the best specialist near you.

1. Not All Dermatologists Are Alike, So Choose Wisely!

For treating psoriasis, you want to make sure the provider you choose has experience in this area. Look for a board-certified dermatologist!

2. You’ll Gain a Ton of Insight From a Provider’s Website and Social Media, So Look Them Up Online

So much can be learned from checking out these places. Look for testimonials or comments on social media posts. Current and former clients tend to say a lot online!

3. Asking the Right Questions During Your Consultation Helps Build a Solid Relationship With Your Psoriasis Specialist

The professional relationship you have with your specialist is also a partnership in your health care. Go prepared for your consultation. This is an important chance for you to get to know your specialist. Think about asking the following questions:

  • What treatments do you offer for psoriasis?
  • Do you treat many patients with the same condition? 
  • How does my medical history or that of my family affect my psoriasis?
  • Am I taking medications that affect my condition?

4. Pay Attention to How You Feel Before, During, and After Your Consultation

Did you feel at ease? Did you feel the psoriasis specialist in Tysons Corner really listened and understood? Were you satisfied with the answers to your questions? How did the staff make you feel? Did you feel welcomed? Was the waiting area comfortable? How you feel makes a huge difference!

For the Best Psoriasis Specialist in Tysons Corner, Give us a Call!

Dr. Marjan Yousefi has built a practice that focuses on the health and safety of all our patients. You’ll receive compassionate, comprehensive care to treat your psoriasis. 

We’d love the opportunity to meet with you! Please call us today at 703-255-5070 to book your consultation for healthier skin!

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