You are ready to get an acne appointment in Falls Church, but do you know how to prepare?

What can you expect? Will you be prescribed medication or have acne treatment? Get all those answers and more here!

First, Quick Tips on How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Your first inclination may be to feel a bit nervous, but try looking at this as an exciting opportunity. You can finally get answers to the cause of your acne and a solution tailored just for you! 

If this is the first time you get an acne appointment in Falls Church, the dermatologist needs to become familiar with your overall health. Gather relevant medical information such as conditions, medications/supplements you take, and allergies. You may be asked about your family’s history of breakouts as well as lifestyle habits that may contribute to your acne. 

Take time to write down questions if you have them. This may include asking about current skincare products, what caused your acne, diet modifications, and preventive measures. 

If you are able to document your acne in photos, do so. This can help your dermatologist understand what you are going through even if you are not having a breakout at the time of your appointment. 

Don’t forget to take your identification, method of payment, and insurance card with you. It is much easier to fill out new patient forms at home instead of a waiting room, so download those if you can. 

What Can I Expect During My First Dermatology Visit?

Arrive with little or no makeup and remove nail polish beforehand to facilitate the skin exam. 

As you may have guessed from preparation, you can plan to have a discussion about your medical history, family history of acne, and symptoms. Your dermatologist may also ask about treatments you have tried at home and if you have had previous medical intervention. 

You may have a full-body skin exam. Yes, this might seem odd since you are there for acne, but remember this examination is an essential step to safeguarding your overall skin health. 

Typically, acne can be diagnosed simply from the visual exam. However, if necessary, a swab of a lesion may be taken for further analysis. Additionally, if a hormonal imbalance is suspected, a blood test may be recommended. 

At your first appointment, you should receive some guidance regarding treatment. This often involves a combination of approaches tailored to meet your needs, and may include: 

  • Topical treatments:  Retinoids and benzoyl peroxide unclog pores and reduce inflammation. 
  • Oral medications: Antibiotics or hormonal therapies may be prescribed for more severe cases. 
  • In-office procedures: Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser therapy can complement topical and oral treatments, and are especially helpful for targeting stubborn acne or scarring. 

Do I Only Need to Get an Acne Appointment in Falls Church Once?

How great would it be if this was a one-and-done situation? Unfortunately, acne just does not work like that!

It can take time to land on the right acne treatment, and it may require multiple attempts. But don’t lose hope. After achieving significant results, regular dermatologist check-ups are necessary to ensure your safety and monitor your progress.

Acne medications also require ongoing refills. These appointments offer valuable guidance for long-term skin health and mark the beginning of your journey to maintaining clear, healthy skin.

Enjoy Blemish-Free Skin With Treatments From Dr. Marjan Yousefi Today!

No matter the type of acne you have or how severe it might be, our team has a solution waiting for you. We specialize in both cosmetic and medical dermatology, with years of experience treating patients of all ages and skin types. 

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