It’s estimated that one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70, making it one of the more common types of cancer. Keep reading to learn the signs of skin cancer and when it’s time to see a skin cancer specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Know the Signs

Skin cancer is the easiest cancer to spot, oftentimes readily apparent and diagnosed with only a biopsy. There are many ways to check yourself for skin cancer at home before confirming it with a professional.


The ABCDEs of melanoma is important to remember when checking yourself. They are:

  • A for asymmetrical
  • B for border
  • C for color
  • D for diameter
  • E for evolving


Many moles or other potentially cancerous spots follow a similar pattern. Pay attention to your mole or spot if it has an irregular shape, the border is jagged, the color is uneven, the diameter is larger than a pea, or if it’s evolving.

Here’s When You Should Look for a Skin Cancer Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

It’s highly recommended that you receive an annual exam even if you do not notice atypical moles or have a history of skin cancer. If you or a family member has a history of skin cancer, you may be advised to visit a specialist more frequently.


Meet with a specialist as soon as possible if you notice the signs above, such as the ABCDEs of melanoma. Your specialist will biopsy the potentially cancerous mole, examine it, and provide a diagnosis as well as treatment.

Meet Dr. Yousefi, the Top Skin Cancer Doctor Near Tysons Corner

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