Psoriasis is as uncomfortable as it is stubborn, which is very. A once-effective treatment may start to become ineffective, so what do you do? Here’s what a psoriasis specialist in McLean, Virginia has to say and why it may be worth it to switch treatments.

Why Should I Consider Switching Treatment?

Many autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis require plenty of patience and a dose of trial and error to find the right treatment and, when you do, it can feel like you’ve struck gold. Eventually, it may not work as well though.

This can be due to your body-building resistance, a lack of a healthy lifestyle, an inconsistent treatment schedule, or some other factor. No matter the case, talk to your doctor right away if you notice your treatment starting to become ineffective.

What Psoriasis Treatments Are Available?

If your psoriasis treatment has become ineffective, it may be time to switch to a new treatment or see how you can improve the efficacy of your current one. This includes:

  • Consistency: Consistent treatment is key. If you notice that you struggle to remember to take your medication, set up reminders on your smartphone.
  • Health: Healthy habits, such as eating a nutritious diet, staying active, and reducing stress, can greatly improve the effectiveness of your psoriasis treatment by essentially removing flare-up triggers.

Medication: You might require a different medication or multiple medications. This includes being put on a biologic or pairing your steroid cream with a synthetic vitamin D cream for example.

Talk to the #1 Psoriasis Specialist in McLean, Virginia to Learn More!

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