Did you have a mole seemingly appear out of nowhere? Develop a sudden itchy rash? Whether you have symptoms that occur suddenly or experience a flareup of a chronic condition, you may wonder if you need to call a dermatology specialist to be seen immediately. A same-day dermatologist in Falls Church can treat your skincare concerns, but how do you know when to see one? Here’s the scoop! 

Should I See My Dermatologist Today for Acne Concerns?

If your acne responds well to over-the-counter treatment and good skincare, probably not. But, because there are different types of acne, it’s a good idea to get checked just to be safe if you have a severe acne flare. 

You shouldn’t delay treatment if you have painful or inflamed cystic acne, and neither should you neglect nodular acne. 

What if My Problem Isn’t Acne? Are There Other Skin Conditions That Require a Same-Day Dermatologist Visit?

Actually, there are quite a few. If you have any of the following, please contact a same-day dermatologist in Falls Church as soon as possible: 

  • Suspicious moles or lesions: Regular skin checks are important to your health. If you’re not in the habit of doing them at home, now is a good time to start. If you notice a mole or lesion has changed in color, size, or shape, you need to have it examined as soon as you can. 
  • Cellulitis: This is a condition caused by a bacterial infection. Left untreated, it can pose serious health risks. Cellulitis appears as swollen, painful, red, blotchy skin. You’ll need a prescription from your dermatologist for an antibiotic. 
  • Shingles: Also painful, shingles can eventually form blisters and require antiviral medicines to treat. These medications are much more effective if you start taking them early on when your symptoms first start.
  • Ringworm: Contagious and itchy, ringworm will spread if not properly and quickly treated. This is a fungal infection that causes a ring-shaped rash to form. It is rare that ringworm will go away on its own, so you need medical intervention. 
  • Impetigo: A common skin condition, impetigo can spread. You might experience small red spots around your nose, mouth, arms, or hands. These spots can also form blisters. Once sores are treated with antibiotics and healed, impetigo can’t be spread to others. 
  • Rashes: Common symptoms are redness, itchiness, and hives. There are over-the-counter remedies, but they often aren’t strong enough to really help depending on the cause of your rash. 

Can You Suggest Tips for Making a Same-Day Dermatologist Appointment?

Many dermatologists offer online scheduling which is certainly convenient but not always the best method for scheduling a same-day appointment. Instead, make a phone call. 

Be flexible. Your dermatologist’s office might have physician’s assistants or nurses who can help in the event your dermatologist is booked for the day. Don’t get discouraged or postpone treatment if you need to see someone else. 

Be ready to describe your symptoms when you call. They’ll need to know what is going on when scheduling your appointment so the information can be relayed to your dermatologist. 

When Should I Go to the ER Instead of Scheduling a Dermatology Urgent Care Visit?

Emergency symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe bleeding, or anything else that is life-threatening require a visit to your local emergency room. In this case, call 911 and don’t wait for an appointment with a dermatologist. 

If You Need the Best Same-Day Dermatologist in Falls Church, Call Dr. Marjan Yousefi!

Ask our patients, and they’ll tell you Dr. Yousefi is well-qualified to handle any and all skin conditions. If you need a same-day appointment, we encourage you to contact our office at 703-255-5070 to get the compassionate care you need today for healthier skin!

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