Your skin is the largest organ you have. Because it’s on the outside of your body, it can take a beating! Protecting your organs from bacteria, environmental pollutants, chemicals, and harsh temperatures is a big responsibility, so shouldn’t you treat your skin with care? There are times when you can’t wait to see a same-day dermatology specialist in Tysons Corner. Other times you shouldn’t. Do you know the difference? 

Can I Just Treat Acne With Over-the-Counter Products Without Seeing a Dermatologist?

You can use drugstore products to treat acne, and if they work, that’s great! If they don’t, it’s time to reevaluate your situation. 

Some acne can become painful like cystic acne and nodules. These develop under your skin and the inflammation can be incredibly uncomfortable. This type of acne does require a dermatology visit for proper treatment.

What Skin Symptoms Should Be Treated Immediately?

There are skin disease symptoms that shouldn’t wait. If you experience any of the following, a trip to a same-day dermatology specialist is in order.

  • Rashes or hives: These issues could be the result of an allergic reaction or infection. You might notice raised welts, burning, itching, redness, or swelling. 
  • Suspicious moles or lesions: Any change in the size, shape, or color of a mole or lesion needs to be checked by a dermatology specialist right away. These could signal skin cancer, and early detection means a better chance for successful treatment. 
  • Skin irritation: If you experience persistent skin irritation that isn’t responding to at-home therapies, schedule an appointment with a same-day dermatology specialist in Tysons Corner. It is possible that flaking, itchy, and red skin could be caused by a sensitivity to soap or a skincare product. There might also be an underlying health condition causing the problem. 
  • Nail fungus: While more common in toenails than fingernails, nail fungus is a condition that should never be ignored. It can be spread to other nails. Symptoms include thick nails that are discolored and sometimes painful. 
  • Hair loss: Studies have shown the faster you get treatment, the better your results will be. It isn’t uncommon for a health condition to be the cause, so it’s better to not put off a visit to your same-day dermatologist. 

How Will a Same-Day Dermatology Specialist Diagnose and Treat My Condition?

Your dermatology specialist might be able to determine the problem by a simple visual check of your skin. If this isn’t enough, they may suggest a biopsy or other tests. If an allergy is the suspected culprit, you’ll likely have an allergy skin test.

Naturally, your treatment will depend on your diagnosis. This might be a trial-and-error process, so be patient. It can take some time to figure out which medications (oral or topical) or therapies work best for you, especially if it is a chronic condition. 

Do You Know What Qualifies as an Emergency?

Regular visits to your dermatology specialist are important, and same-day visits can provide urgent skincare when you need it. Life-threatening skin conditions are completely different. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty breathing, bleeding that cannot be controlled, difficulty breathing, a high fever, or any other life-threatening symptom with your skin issue, you need immediate attention. 

For a Same-Day Dermatology Specialist in Tysons Corner, Make This Call Now!

If you have life-threatening symptoms, please contact 911 immediately or head to the nearest hospital right away. 

Otherwise, contact the office of Dr. Marjan Yousefi at 703-255-5070 to book your same-day dermatology appointment. Dr. Yousefi has dedicated her career to making sure all her patients receive compassionate, personalized care. 

Don’t be uncomfortable any longer than necessary when excellent care is just a phone call away!

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