Skin cancer is a commonly discussed issue, however, many people are not sure how to spot the warning signs. The top skin cancer doctor in McLean, Virginia says you should look for five signs, known as ABCDE, to help detect skin cancer.

See a Skin Cancer Doctor in McLean, Virginia if You Notice Any of These Five “ABCDE” Signs

  • A Is for Asymmetrical

Benign moles are typically round and symmetrical, whereas melanomas are asymmetrical. To tell if your mole is asymmetrical, draw an imaginary line down the middle of the mole to create two halves, then see if they match. If not, ask your skin cancer provider if the mole should be biopsied.

  • B Is for Border

Non-cancerous moles or spots on the body usually have smooth, defined borders. Raised, jagged, scalloped, or notched borders are warning signs of melanoma.

  • C Is for Color

Color is another way to determine if a blemish is potentially cancerous. Skin cancer can be in multiple colors, including black, various shades of brown, red, pink, white, and blue.

Uneven color is also important to look out for. Persistent red spots, flesh-hued bumps, and hard, red bumps that scale or crust should be monitored.

  • D Is for Diameter

A mole, spot, or patch that’s larger than the size of a pea can indicate problems, especially if this lesion does not decrease in size or heal naturally.

  • E Is for Evolving

A change in moles, bumps, and other lesions, especially if they occur rapidly, indicates the need for a skin evaluation.

Don’t Wait – Book a Visit to Dr. Marjan Yousefi, and Take Control of Your Health!

While you shouldn’t worry or try to self-diagnose, time is of the essence if you do have a cancerous lesion. Now that you know your ABCDEs, you should book an appointment with the top skin cancer provider. 

For the best skin cancer doctor in McLean, Virginia, look no further than Dr. Yousefi with offices in Arlington and Vienna, a short distance from McLean! Call us today at 703-255-5070 to book your appointment!

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