If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, you’ll discuss skin cancer treatments in Tysons Corner with your doctor. Skin cancer is the most common cancer among Americans, affecting close to 5 million people a year. The good news is that it is typically treatable!

How Is Skin Cancer Diagnosed? 

Your skin cancer doctor will do a thorough examination of your skin. If any suspicious lesions are found, you’ll likely have a biopsy so the area can be examined under a microscope.

Are There Symptoms I Should Tell My Doctor About?

Because early detection is crucial, it’s important you examine your skin regularly at home at least once a month. During your self-exam, consider the ABCDE rule: 

  • Asymmetry: Irregular shape
  • Border: Blurry or irregularly shaped edges
  • Color: More than one color, or oddly colored
  • Diameter: Larger than a pencil eraser (6 mm)
  • Evolution: Enlarging, changing in shape, color, or size; this is the most important sign to look for

It might be helpful during your self-exams to make notes of what you find, and then record any changes you notice. You can share these notes with your doctor during your appointment.

What Skin Cancer Treatments in Tysons Corner Are Available to Me?

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, you will work with your doctor to determine which treatment will work best for you. 

The most common forms of treatment include cryotherapy, Mohs surgery, and excisional surgery. You might also benefit from radiation, chemotherapy, or photodynamic therapy. A combination of treatments may be the best approach.

Who Should I Trust If I Want the Best Results From Skin Cancer Treatments in Tysons Corner?

Make the smart choice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Marjan Yousefi. To schedule your skin cancer screening, contact us at 703-255-5070. We encourage you to give us a call today!

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