It may be surprising to find out that more than eight million people in the US suffer from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a condition believed to be an immune system issue where skin cells build up, forming scales and dry, itchy patches in the affected areas.


Visiting a psoriasis expert in Tysons Corner, Virginia can help you to understand the treatments available for this frustrating and uncomfortable condition. Here are several common treatment options!

1. Laser Treatments

Medications can come with unpleasant side effects from the inside out. Therefore, light therapy, which utilizes lasers, is an excellent alternative to combat these side effects. Laser therapy slows the growth of skin cells and decreases flare-ups. Consequently, cracked skin, flaking, and redness are improved.

2. Oral Medications

Further, if alternative treatments haven’t worked for you, it may be time to switch to oral medication for treating flares. For example, biologics, oral retinoids, and more are all available options. These treatment options work from within to treat itching, redness, flare-ups, and other unpleasant symptoms.

3. Topical Treatments

There is a multitude of topical ointments and creams your dermatologist may recommend. A prescription-strength retinoid, steroid creams, salicylic acid, and even tazarotene for those pregnant or breastfeeding. Discuss with your provider if you’re allergic to any medications. Additionally, you should discuss your medical history to determine if a topical route is suitable for you.

Dr. Yousefi Is a Leading Psoriasis Expert in Tysons Corner, Virginia

While there’s not yet a cure for psoriasis, Dr. Yousefi can assist in determining flare triggers and treatment options. Call us at 703-255-5070 and schedule your consultation for psoriasis management. We even offer telederm services!

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