Taking care of your skin is vital to your overall health. Unfortunately, seeing a dermatologist is often overlooked. Many of us hate waiting days or weeks for an appointment. But thankfully, a same-day derm in Tysons Corner has arrived!

Why Is a Same-Day Derm So Popular Now?

The popularity of urgent dermatology treatment has grown because of the convenience. Same-day derm doctors can treat and diagnose the same skin issue as they can during a regular appointment without the long wait to get an appointment. 

It’s also available for urgent matters, such as a sudden rash, skin pain, blisters that have burst, skin flare-ups caused by existing conditions, and adverse drug reactions. 

Another important reason for a same-day derm in Tysons Corner is cancer screening. You may notice a mole or odd imperfection in your skin that you haven’t noticed before. Early detection means a better skin cancer prognosis, so take advantage of same-day derm and have your skin examined.

If You’re Going for a Same-Day Derm in Tysons Corner, Be Sure the Dermatologist is Board Certified

You should always see a licensed and board-certified dermatologist. A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in treating conditions related to your skin, hair, and nails and will offer treatments your regular doctor may not offer.

Is There a Difference Between Same-Day Derm and Walk-Ins?

Yes, there is. For same-day dermatology appointments, it’s recommended you call ahead to secure your spot in the schedule. When you walk in, you’re not expected and this could mean a longer wait.

For Comprehensive Dermatology Services Near Tysons Corner, You Want Dr. Marjan Yousefi!

We have a professional and well trained staff that specializes in all manner of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, psoriasis, warts, dry skin, eczema, and skin cancer to name only a few. We encourage you to call us today at 703-255-5070 if you have any troubling skin concerns, so you can look forward to clear, healthy skin!

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