Acne is one of the most stubborn skin conditions to treat. If you’re tired of topical products that don’t work and prescriptions that cause irritating side effects, now is a great time to consider other treatment options. Chemical peels are an effective way to control acne breakouts while refreshing the skin. Keep reading to learn about the best chemical peels for acne in Arlington, VA.

What Are the Best Chemical Peels for Acne in Arlington, VA?

A great option for most people who are looking to get their acne under control, a peel can address various aspects of acne by exfoliating the skin, unclogging the pores, and reducing inflammation. So which peels are the most beneficial for achieving clear skin?

The best chemical peels for acne in Arlington, VA contain salicylic acid. These peels penetrate deep into the pores to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. By clearing the pores, salicylic acid peels reduce the growth of whiteheads and blackheads to prevent future breakouts. They can also ease redness and irritation caused by acne.

Glycolic acid peels can also help minimize acne breakouts. They work by promoting cell turnover, exfoliating the skin, and helping to fade acne scars. These peels are also great for improving overall skin clarity, tone, and texture.

A final option is combination peels, which typically offer more comprehensive results because they can be tailored to meet a client’s specific skin concerns.

Make Acne Breakouts a Problem of the Past With Chemical Peels at the Office of Dr. Marjan Yousefi

Acne breakouts can be frustrating and painful. If you’re ready to get clear skin and love the face looking back at you in the mirror, Dr. Marjan Yousefi can help.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about chemical peels and how they can benefit you by calling 703-255-5070! Ask about our money-saving specials on cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments when you contact our team.

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