Do you suffer from boxcar, ice pick, rolling, or hypertrophic scarring? If so, there’s no doubt that you don’t want the constant reminders of the awful breakouts you used to suffer from.

Fortunately, an acne scar specialist in Arlington can help. They offer personalized treatment options based on the type of scarring you have.

Here Are Four of the Best Options Recommended by an Acne Scar Specialist in Arlington

The great news is that you have choices when it comes to eliminating acne scarring. While these are some top options, the right one for you ultimately depends on the type and severity of your scars.

  • Chemical peels: They are particularly effective for deep acne scars. A chemical peel uses an acid-based solution to remove the skin’s top layer(s).
  • Dermabrasion: An abrasive tool is used to exfoliate the skin’s outer layer for cellular renewal. This method is most effective for shallow boxcars or rolling scars.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: Light beams are used to create micro-injuries in the skin, boosting your natural collagen production for healthy skin from the inside out. This treatment works well for most types of acne scars.
  • Microneedling: Tiny surgical-grade needles are used to create micro-wounds to the skin. It works best for atrophic scars, including boxcars, ice picks, and rolling scars.

Book a consultation with a provider who offers a comprehensive range of treatment options. For example, look for services including the ones above and more. During this visit, they will evaluate your skin and let you know which methods would be best for your unique concerns.

Boost Your Confidence With Laser Skin Resurfacing and Other Services for a Smooth Complexion

So, it’s time to see the best top acne scar specialist in Arlington. Fortunately, you can find that here at the office of Dr. Marjan Yousefi. Contact us at 703- 255-5070 to book your consultation. Get ready to learn more about the top treatments we offer for sensationally smooth skin!

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